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We specialise in building safety and productivity systems for forklifts and warehouses. Our initial product is a forklift collision avoidance system (FCAS) which detects when forklifts and pedestrians come in close proximity to other forklifts, activating an alert (siren/light) for the forklift operator. Our second product, in early development, is a complete scalable monitoring (telematics) system also for forklifts and warehouses.

Who we are at HarmTech

our vision

Forklift safety and productivity systems are standard kit everywhere.

Our vision advocates for a future where enhanced safety and productivity features are not just optional or luxury add-ons, but fundamental components of every forklift, ensuring a safer, more efficient, and technologically advanced industry standard.

our mission

To make the best warehousing safety and productivity systems available and affordable for all.

Our mission has a dual focus: firstly, on innovation and excellence in creating systems that enhance both safety and efficiency; and secondly, on inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that these advanced systems are not just available but also affordable for a broad range of clients (a right not a privilege for businesses of all sizes).

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