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Yes, it can be mounted on any powered equipment including forklifts, buggies, pallet jacks, container handlers, trucks and others.
Yes, if the pedestrian is wearing our one of our pedestrian tags then they will be detected. If is also recommended for forklift operators to also wear tags so they are protected when getting off the forklift.
Yes, if the forklift is fitted with a speed limiter then our safety system should be able to slow down the forklift when in the red, yellow and/or siren zones.
Our system operates line-of-sight. However, we have found it does have some ability to ‘see around corners’ due to the signal bouncing off walls and other objects. We have customers using the system to detect several metres before the hazard is visible. Testing on your specific site will determine what is possible.
Yes, our programmer app available on Android Play Store can configure more than 20 parameters for specific site customisation. If you have a requirement not currently covered, get in touch with us to see if we can make it happen.


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